Ecopetrol is a buy and Colombian oil is still flowing, making some sales in the aggressive portfolio, and analyzing a buyout of one of our European holdings.
What's driving Mexico's sizzling performance, plus we dive into two Brazilian FinTechs
Ian's Insider Corner aggressive portfolio +14% in 2022, +133% since inception (Jan '20). Also, some rapidfire investment book reviews.
Elanco is an intriguing mix of good assets, poor management, high leverage, and multiple activist investors
Answering many of your questions, and also stocks I picked up for the IMF Portfolio in December.
The next five years will be a lot better than the prior five for the Peruvian economy and its tremendously profitable bank.
An overview of the Ian's Million Fund Portfolio and my purchases for the past two months.
Peru's wildly unpopular far left president launched a failed coup. With him gone, Peru is now open for business again.
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